Drive 4 UR School Raises Funds and Develops Character

High school is a time of discovery. In those four years, we learn a lot about who we are, where our talents lie and what we aspire to be. Think about how important that one class, that one sport or that one after-school group was in shaping your own future. Now think about where you would be without it. Unfortunately, many schools are facing shrinking budgets where important activities are reduced or cut entirely.

That’s why Ford Motor Company started the Drive 4 UR School program in 2007. The goal was to create a fun and exciting way of bringing communities together to help raise funds for school programs. We are proud to be rolling into our eighth year, driving community engagement to help support valuable school programs.

So, how does it work? Through the program, schools and local Ford Dealerships partner to organize test-drive events. The dealerships provide the vehicles and the schools organize and promote the event within the community. For each valid test-drive event during the fundraiser, Ford donates $20 to the school that organized the event – up to $6,000.


Think of the impact a test-drive program could have on a school in your community. That’s money for books, plays, programs and so much more. Or, in the case of one selfless high school football player named Joey Sparks, it meant money for vital upgrades and equipment for a crosstown rival team that lifted his spirits while he was battling cancer.

In this inspiring, Joey was determined to give back to his on-field opponents at Gary West Side High School and teamed up with a local Ford Dealership to raise some much-needed funds for the West Side Cougars.

It’s just one of countless stories made possible when everyday heroes at high schools from all over the U.S. go further for the school programs they’re so passionate about. That trip around the block in a brand-new Ford vehicle can lead to so much more than a new Mustang or an F-150. It can mean new equipment, new facilities and new opportunities for students to shine.

Drive 4 UR School/Community
Mon, 01/30/2017 - 12:48pm