Drive 4 UR School Brings "HOPE" to Texas Students

It was while serving on the board of directors for the Greater Texas FDAF in 2008 that Tim McRae, son of Bill McRae and General Manager of Bill McRae Ford, first heard of the Drive 4 UR School program. Inspired by the charitable test-drive initiative, Tim decided to host a Drive 4 UR School event in order to benefit his local schools.McRae remembers how participants were initially skeptical about engaging in the program. Now, he sees a lot of excitement within the community to participate in the Drive 4 UR School and Community, with various people asking when the next event will be held.

“Even though a majority of our community lives paycheck to paycheck, they never hesitate to turn around and give what they can. It's such a giving community - they feel fortunate to have a meal, and they just want to do what they can to give back to everyone.” –Tim McRae

One program McRae has been particularly passionate about is the HOPE Backpack Project, a program that provides backpacks filled with school supplies, giving students a jump-start in continuing their educational development. This project, which began as a pilot program at an elementary school in Jacksonville, Texas, in 2008, has grown from 33 students receiving filled backpacks to 150 students in five surrounding school districts during 2015. For the past nine years, Bill McRae Ford Lincoln has helped raise $63,320 for schools and organizations by hosting 14 Drive 4 UR School and Drive 4 UR Community events.

“Holding these events makes me feel good to be a Ford Dealer and to watch Ford Motor Company help local small communities on a grass roots level,” said Tim. “These programs make me really proud to be a Ford Dealer.”

Drive 4 UR School/Community
Fri, 01/27/2017 - 11:53am