Test-drive a Ford vehicle, get a donation for a cause you care about. Fund-raising has never been easier.

Drive 4 UR School began in 2007 as a way for Ford to give back to communities across the country. The idea was simple: Test-drive a Ford vehicle from a local dealership, get money for your school. The success of the school program inspired the launch of Drive 4 UR Community, allowing Ford Dealers to partner with nonprofit organizations as well. Thousands of events and $35 million in donations later, participants are still test-driving for a cause that they - and Ford - are equally passionate about. Are you a school or organization that wants to experience this opportunity for yourself? Locate a Ford Dealer to get started.

Drive 4 UR School

It's no secret that school budgets are tight, often leaving various programs underfunded. In an effort to devise a creative, low-pressure fund-raising opportunity, Ford launched the Drive 4 UR School test-drive program in 2007. Ford offers a $20 donation for each valid test-drive, up to $6,000 total*, which can be used for sports, booster clubs, music programs and the many other miscellaneous expenses associated with running a school.

Drive 4 UR Community

The overwhelming success of Drive 4 UR School inspired Ford to widen its scope and create Drive 4 UR Community. Local Ford Dealerships and community organizations have been partnering since 2012 to generate $20 donations per valid test-drive, up to $6,000.* Food banks, hospitals and animal shelters are just a few of the groups that have benefited from this program.