Dealership Overview

Dealerships have played a pivotal role in the success of the program since it began in 2007. Dealers help bring Drive 4 UR School/Community home to all areas of the country.

A man opening the door to an F 150 to look at the interior A man opening the door to an F 150 to look at the interior

What Does Drive 4 UR School/Community Mean for Your Dealership?

It means you value your community and its people. The Drive 4 UR School/Community programs give you another way to act and make positive change within your area, whether through a physical or virtual event. Click the link below to learn more about enrolling.

How Do Events Work?

It's easy! Once you decide you would like to host an event, your first task is enrolling, and we're here to help. Follow the links below for a step-by-step walkthrough (Event Roadmap), a list of downloadable materials to help you plan and promote (Program Materials), and a list of the most commonly asked questions (FAQs).

Current Event Enrollment

The programs typically offer enrollment opportunities early and mid-year. Spots tend to fill quickly, so If you're interested, don't miss the opportunity to get your event enrolled. Click the link below to enroll your event or confirm if a session is currently open.